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Energy WorkSite

A web-based collaborative platform with integrated communications, program management and energy analysis tools, Energy Worksite seamlessly connect all stakeholders to ensure that energy programs meet their objectives with achievable and sustainable long-term results. The Energy WorkSite system, developed by the United States Department of Energy, allows for flexible and scalable program management of a single building location to an expansive portfolio of buildings through the use of electricity pulse counters that link via wireless gateways to the web-based client Worksite. More info


As the world’s most visually-engaging performance management and communications software, SEE-IT centralizes and brings to life on screen all plans and progress in one central, online holistic view using visuals and interrelated scorecards. Staff and stakeholders are able to quickly see, understand, and provide input on goals, strategies and results for sustainability programs. For a few dollars per employee per year, SEE-IT helps organizations link long-term vision to current actions, get more done with less resources, and communicate achievements in the most engaging and transparent manner possible. Cities, corporations and development projects worldwide are using See-It for:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Stakeholder Communications

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