About GCI

To foster the development of sustainable communities and an ecologically sound integration of human settlements and activities with the natural systems of the planet in the 21st Century.

The solutions to the ecological problems facing humanity are all available and realizable, through comprehensive and effective dissemination of information, development of appropriate technologies, and ecologically informed systems of implementation.

With an overarching mission of “evolving sustainable communities,” the Green Century Institute (GCI) was established in 2002 as an independent research and development association. It was founded by Michael Gosney and Marc Kasky, pioneers in community-based development, sustainability and enabling technologies. GCI develops educational events and has explored the development of a model Bay Area ecocity, “Califia.” GCI is working on various initiatives to put ICT (Information and Communication) resources to work on sustainability programs, including the Green City Solutions group on WISEREarth.org, and the Techn√© Verde project (under the fiscal sponsorship of with the Buckminster Fuller Institute) working with the United Nations and various NGOs involved in sustainable consumption/production and communities, and leading technology developers.

GCI offers a range of consulting services to companies, civic entities and NGOs, including project development, technology support, design programs, media and publishing development, specialized marketing, event production, business development, talent, and partnership resources.

Califia – San Francisco Bay Area Ecocity Project
Califia is a proposed revolutionary urban settlement for 7000-10,000 residents that will showcase and test sustainable architectural designs and technologies, and new community models. Califia will be established within a 60 mile radius of San Francisco. GCI is working with pioneers in large scale eco-city design to produce a comprehensive proposal for the project to share with potential stakeholders from the Bay Area, the commercial development sphere, civic and federal agencies, and the sustainable funding community.

Events and Media Development
The Green Century Institute produces events on topics relevant to the Sustainable Community movement. With strong ties to the San Francisco Bay Area technology community as well as the film and book publishing industries, GCI is developing media properties based on its events and research initiatives.

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